🍬 Candy Kachi | 500 Emotes & Stickers • Nitro Giveaways & Events
🍬 Candy Kachi | 500 Emo…
7,849 members

ღ⸝⸝ 500 cute emotes and stickers ღ⸝⸝ Frequent nitro drops ღ⸝⸝ Fully boosted ღ⸝⸝ Fun nitro events ღ⸝⸝ Active chats

Courtroom ☆ Music  ☆ Chatting ☆ Chill ☆ Social ☆ Stickers ☆ Egirls ☆ Emojis ☆ Eboys!
Courtroom ☆ Music ☆ Ch…
3,419 members

╰─▸ ୨C o u r t r o o m୧ 🎁Active text channels 🎁 💍Custom credit system💍 ⠀⠀ 🎉24/7 Nitro Giveaways🎉 🤖Exclusive Server Bot🤖⠀⠀ ✅ Join us an extremely friendly and supportive community! 💬

Vivziepop Unofficial (Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss)
Vivziepop Unofficial (H…
7,212 members

An unofficial vivziepop server centered around Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss. For fans by the fans. This server will be updated based on the new episode.

DISCORD +18 NSFW · NUDES ·  PFP PICS · HANGOUT · 100 nsfw emojis & stickers
4,958 members

❤️ Welcome to Hentai Hangout! ❤️ ╭┅-★🔥・NSFW 18+★-┅╮ ╭ 🔞 18+ Safe for work community. ╭ 💬 Chill ╭ ⚡Active ╭ 🌎 Large Community ╭ 🎤 Social ╭ 🎮 Gaming ╭ 💕 Friendly ╭ 📸 Selfies ╭ 👥 Profiles ╭ 💌 Relationships ╭ ☣️ Non-Toxic

Trials of Fantasy
Trials of Fantasy
3,632 members

A Final Fantasy XIV community dedicated to helping New Players, with a focus on the FFXIV Free Trial. 🌱 💗

My Anime Chat
My Anime Chat
14,252 members

✨ Anime and manga tracking feature! 🤖 Unique custom bots 💠 Inclusive and friendly community 🎨 Anime gallery and more! A fun, SFW, community based server where you can discuss all the anime/manga/LNs to your hearts content, or just talk about your day!

4,339 members

Sweet and friendly Indian community . A wholesome server you should once.

Shadow Garden
Shadow Garden
8,695 members

🎉 $1000 Worth of Giveaways 💬 Active Chats 🔊 Active VCs 🌸 Gaming & Anime Community💎Best Emotes and Stickers 🏆 Fun Events ✨ Join now! 🔗

Western Unity A-Z (NSFW Community)
Western Unity A-Z (NSFW…
4,207 members

(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ❤️ A great Western Unity A-Z (NSFW Community) Server to hang with friends or to just join to meet new people! 🔞 18+ Only 🔞

Yasha's Place | Emotes ☆ Cute ☆ Oc ☆ Non-Toxic ☆ Fun ☆ Small ☆ Events
Yasha's Place | Emotes …
1,560 members

Friendly and Active community with amazing people! We offer: –Engaging leveling system –Special Activity Features –Giveaways –Unique Emojis and Stickers –Events

The Slums
The Slums
18,612 members

🌈 THE SLUMS 🌈 🔞〡Huge Variety of Memes & NSFW Memes 🎁〡Daily Events & Nitro Giveaways 😂〡500+ Funny Emotes & Stickers 🙀〡Kitty Posting 🚀〡Tons of Booster Perks 🏆〡100+ Self Roles & Level Roles 🍆〡NSFW Categories And much more! Join The Slums NOW ❗

FriendZone | Make Friends ⋅ Fun Chill Active ⋅ Voice Chat VC ⋅ Social Gaming ⋅ Memes ⋅ Nitro Emojis
FriendZone | Make Frien…
44,037 members

⭐️ Meet tons of new people and make friends 🌎 One of the most active & entertaining chats on the platform ✨ Come hang out! 🔗

Femdom Sect
Femdom Sect
6,493 members

The Greatest Female Domination Server Ever Created ! If you are a Domme looking for new submissives or a subby looking to serve one of our dominant Ladies, you are welcome in our great server!

E-Girls | social ♡ nitro ♡ egirls ♡ fun ♡ chill ♡ gaming ♡ emotes ♡ anime ♡ egirls,
E-Girls | social ♡ nitr…
19,478 members

#1 Social Server 🍑 500 Emotes & Stickers 🏆 24/7 VCs ⭐ E-Girls 💬 Nitro & Robux Giveaways 🎉 Events 🎮 Gaming 🎊

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What are Discord servers?

Discord is a website and mobile app that provides text, voice, and video communication through community created “chat groups” called 'servers'.

While there's a huge range of Discord servers out there, not all of them may appeal to you. Using Discadia you can browse through thousands of servers, search, and filter by tags. Discadia uses a proprietary algorithm to deliver you the best Discord Servers that you're likely to be interested in.

What is a Discord Server List?

A Discord Server List is a website that provides a way for you to find the Discord servers that you're looking for. A Discord Server List such as Discadia is a place where you can advertise your server and browse servers promoted by relevance, quality, member count, and more.

How do I join a Discord server?

Discord Invite URLs are used to join Discord servers. Discadia provides “Join” buttons, click that button to join a server.

Note: The invite for a server may be expired or invalid and we cannot provide new invites. Only server owners can update the invites on Discadia. We automatically remove listings that have expired invites.