Star Wars Friends
Star Wars Friends
1,372 members

[Talk about Ahsoka with us!] ✧ Looking for a chill, active, and non-toxic group of Star Wars fans to hang out with? ✧ We have a super friendly community, casual SW RP, weekly dose of SW, active SW talk, music, SW emojis, and more! Join us on SWF today! ✧

Star Wars Universe
537 members

Join Star Wars Universe and unlock new lightsabers and force abilities and go up the ranks of the Jedi and Sith.

Imperial Civil War
Imperial Civil War
29 members

A Star Wars rp based in the post Endor Period of Legends.

Star Wars: Echoes of th…
73 members

A Star Wars RP server based around the Age of the Empire!

Star Wars - Untold Tales
25 members

Die Order 65 wurde ausgerufen! Mit Palpatines flucht offenbarte er seine wahre Identität und stürzte die Galaxie ins Chaos..

437 members

le plus grand serveur roleplay star wars francophone ! un role play textuel actif sur l'univers de star wars.

Star Wars the Clone War…
47 members

Thunder and Vezzern’s CW RP Extravaganza is a lax and fun Star Wars roleplay server set during the Clone Wars!

Star Wars: Journey
27 members

Star Wars: Journey Is a roleplay server currently set in the Clone Wars Era. For more details, check out the longer description! ^-^

The Emperor's RP/Star W…
14 members

Join our Star Wars RP server for epic adventures, captivating role-play, and a soon to be vibrant community of fans. Explore diverse planets, engage in gripping storylines, and discuss the latest Star Wars content. Join now and may the Force be with you!

Star Wars: Spark. (RP [2BBY])
Star Wars: Spark. (RP […
479 members

Star Wars: Spark is a Star Wars intergalactic server wide RP server where you can interact with the world of star wars and influence the events of the rebellion rising.

145 members

Cari fan di Star Wars, Sei pronto per unirti a noi in un'epica avventura nella galassia lontana, molto lontana? Ti invitiamo a partecipare a un coinvolgente gioco di ruolo ambientato nell'universo di Star Wars su Discord!

Star Wars Escape Pod
Star Wars Escape Pod
125 members

The Official Discord server of Star Wars Escape Pod, the podcast!

Star Wars: Valiant Hearts
Star Wars: Valiant Hear…
112 members

Join us in our Galaxy! Face epic foes and make great allies!

Lego Star Wars Community
60 members

This is a server all about Lego Star wars and much more to offer!

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