Sea of Thieves Russia
Sea of Thieves Russia
15,568 members

Лучший русскоязычный СНГ RU Discord сервер по Sea of Thieves. У нас вы найдете общение, напарников, и многое другое!

Battlefield Russia
Battlefield Russia
9,731 members

Крупнейший русскоязычный СНГ RU Discord сервер по Battlefield. У нас вы найдете общение, напарников, и многое другое!

DayZ Russia
4,769 members

Официальный русскоязычный СНГ RU Discord сервер по DayZ Standalone. Тут вы найдете общение, напарников и многое другое!

Warzone Mobile Russia
Warzone Mobile Russia
339 members

СНГ Сервер по Warzone Mobile

Breaking News War Ukrai…
358 members

Live Breaking News Updates about the war / invasion Russia - Ukraine /// Guerre Russie - Ukraine /// Noticias guerra Rusia Ucrania on Telegram

Uralics of Russia
432 members

The linguistic server dedicated to the Uralic languages of Russia, aimed at rallying people who speak them and creating and promoting art in them.

Ghost Rebellion
Ghost Rebellion
407 members

🚀Join us on our mission to uncover the real story behind the Russia VS Ukraine conflict, and make up your own mind based on the facts. We are the Ghost Rebellion, and we are here to break the chains of media control.🇺🇦 💪🏻🇷🇺 🕵️

AL Community
78 members

The founder is from Vietnam & Russia FiveM Community Leaks ESX Framework & QBCore Framework: Script, Anticheat, Car, Map, Weapon Skin, Graphic, other

Spetsnaz GRU
14 members

Welcome to Spetsnaz GRU, a dedicated Discord server for enthusiasts of Russian special forces and military history. Our community is a gathering place for those interested in the elite units of the Russian military, such as the Spetsnaz and GRU.

Russian culture and Eas…
175 members

This server talks about its Orthodox faith, Russian culture, history, shows various kinds of documentaries, feature films, music, culinary recipes

On The Brink | Alt-History NRP
On The Brink | Alt-Hist…
123 members

Based off of the popular hoi4 mods TNO: The Last Days of Europe and TWR: The Thousand Week Reich, come and join On The Brink, a post-axis victory Nation RP!

11,034 members

Here you can find friends to play league of legends with or talk with some of most skilled players in the EUW and Russia regions!

229 members

Moscow is the capital and most populous city of Russia.

Cosmic Ape Club
171 members

Hi, our channel is dedicated to the TON-based NFT collection | Привет, наш канал посвящён коллекции NFT на базе TON

Unseen; Casting Call [C…
63 members

A place Animators, VA’s, Artists, etc, can invest in their futures. We are looking for all the listed above, for our studio! Free to Join!

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