Noise Music

2,222 members

Do you hate your ears? So do we. A great place to hear harsh noise and collab with others.

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Unchained Music

2,200 members

Welcome to Unchained Music, your one-stop shop for all your music needs.

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Myriad Music Records

1,345 members

We also accept a variety of genres to our label. Including rock/metal, rnb, rap, lofi and much more! we are also the first and only discord label to accept rappers! our submission process is very streamlined, join our server to find out more!

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Warner Music CE Connect

1,304 members

Welcome to our Warner Music CE Connect server! We want to create a community of fans, music nerds and Discord lovers to collectively talk about concerts and delve in memories. BTW you can also win very cool prizes! 🫶

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Music Mafia

661 members

This is a discord server for artists and producers to link up, share advice/tools, and just help each other out in general. FREE promotion channels that you can post your songs/beats in and will be posting drum kits for who need help finding more.

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Music 2000™ Software

635 members

Music 2000: Music Creation for the Playstation and other music creation softwares by Jester Interactive.

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RadioVelbert - Here the music i…

386 members

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GONKBONK | A Pop Culture Server…

367 members

GONKBONK is a new home for fans and creators of comics, manga, webtoons, and more! Find out more about the various titles we offer on our official website, So, what do you think? Ready to get started with GONKBONK?

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Superiors - Anime Music Video

226 members

I would extremely love you to join my server and be part of the superior community where we are helping smaller creator promote their content and giving them tips on how to improve.

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The Rap City | Hip-Hop & Music

160 members

Hip-Hop City - the ultimate Discord Rap experience!

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Heaven Reward #0.2k﹒Chill . Mus…

150 members

Heaven Rewards A Giveway Server For Discord User With Free Rewards,Invite Event ,gws and etc

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About Music

115 members

It's all About Music! From pop to k-pop, everything is here!

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