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The first Web 3.0 meme platform We are the first NFT meme minting and trading platform. We make it possible to claim ownership of memes and earn big bucks off them! We're making it possible for memes to be a literal day job and earn their creators.

Meme Park
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New meme server that you can upload funny pictures and videos invite your friends to the server -Meme chat -NSFW memes -Talk to people around the world -And more

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Post memes, chat, all that good stuff :)

Meme Madness
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Meme Madness is a free-to-enter single-elimination style tournament where competitors create memes against each other to win a prize pool!

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Welcome to the meme central of discord

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It's just an anarchy meme server.

Riot Memes Server
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Discord for the YouTuber riot memes (

MeMo Hub
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We have a l lot of memes in our server which you can download or post :)

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Memism is a server with auto posting memes and a discord bot I made that plays meme music 24/7/365 Join today to make friends and more!

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『🍕』Server For Memes, Texting And Gaming『🥨』 You can chat freely in this sever, Our current goal is to get 100 members. There will also be a lot of activities ,events and giveaways.

Dignity┇ Memes • Gaming…
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Dignity is an active and chill server 👑Anime🌸Custom emotes🎉Art 🎨memes🐸Fun🎊Anime🤖custom bots | daily interactions with members!

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share memes and stay jabajaba and enjoy

Memes And Games
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A server with a lot of memes and people to talk to. We also have fun events every week. We also talk about anime a lot in our server so if any of this stuff interests you please join.

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We host contests, we have cool mods, and a friendly user experience Most importantly, we got the memes

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A place you can post your memes and make some new friends

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