Silly LFG

46 members

Official-Lee is a social gaming server that focuses main-lee on league of legends, valorant, party games and more. We have an active community, a level up system and different roles you can earn and choose. Hopeful-Lee, we see you in our server soon <3

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Oasis D2 LFG

79 members

A fresh server looking to create a wonderful and inclusive environment for all Destiny 2 players, with ample resources and opportunities.

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Laconic Labyrinth LFG

292 members

The official server of LaconicOutcry

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Rust LFG !S!

95 members

Rust Discord Server Looking for Member/Groups ! :) Feel safe here ! Outpost aways protect us.

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Rainbow Six Siege LFG

366 members

We're a small LFG server, and we need people. U can host customs, find new friends to play with, and much more! (Were mainly made for r6s but we allow other games)

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Modded Minecraft LFG

169 members

Welcome! after some friends to join you and your world? Here is the right place!

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Overwatch 2 LFG

125,972 members

╰━━➤ 🏆 #1 Overwatch 2 LFG 🏆 (Looking For Group) Overwatch LFG is a new "Looking For Group" discord server with a rapid growing community with over 200 players in calls 24/7 to play with! Find groups to play in NA, EU & ASIA REGION.

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LFG Gaming

699 members

Everyone is welcome :D A gaming community focused on playing together and getting better every day <3

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989 members

This server is for people looking for players of all skill levels, its a new server that can be very useful for a lot of people that don't want to solo queue and get bad teammates

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LFG (Apex, Val, COD, Fort, R6)

13 members

This Server Is For Finding Teams on Games Such as Apex, Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six Seige

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Chivalry 2 LFG

523 members

Chivalry 2 Looking for Groups discord. Find other players to take to the battlefield with in Torn Banner Studios medieval slasher Chivalry 2. Feeling like you are in a medieval action movie is better with friends.

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46 members

VALORANT is a super team based game and more often than not, we find that solo queue games leave you with either uncoordinated or disrespectful players. We want to reduce that. Made by gamers, for gamers.

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