Sarpo's (Multi LFG)

236 members

Bunch of tryhards, that like to be pre-made groups for about any games. Join the winning side! and also to chill'n grind

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Sundae LFG: Nitro & Gaming Soci…

23 members

🍦💖 Join Sundae LFG 💖🍦 ➡️ We are (soon to be) Discord's best Looking For Group (LFG) Gaming Community 🎮 ➡️ Come be a part of our growing server and meet awesome people <3

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2k LFG

15 members

2k LFG is fit for all 2k players! Whether you're on console or PC, there will always be someone looking for a group!

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Icee LFG Server

13 members

An LFG Server For any Game.

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LFG Nexus

12 members

Nexus LFG: a friendly gaming community with channels for Valorant, CSGO, Minecraft, GTA 5, Terraria & more. Level up & make friends in a fun, inclusive atmosphere. Join now!

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Nakwon Last Paradise LFG

92 members

Polski serwer dedykowany grze Nakwon Last Paradise╎ Znajdź przyjaciół do wspólnej gry╎ Extraction looter survival zombie

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51 members

Chill gaming server just for you!

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Concord LFG

5 members

Concord LFG discord, first server created about that game. Find the latest news and talk about the game.

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5 members

A discord server where you can find other people to play games with!

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Valorix (LFG EU)

117 members

We are a community of friendly VALORANT players from the EU looking for new teammates to play with everyday! Meet new people, hang out and play games with us whenever you'd like!!

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Valorant Community LFG

38 members

˜”°•.˜”°• Valorant Community •°”˜.•°”˜ 𝙊𝙉𝙀 of the best community for gamers and people looking for friends. ⋘༺★༻⋙

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Discordia - LFG & Advertising

81 members

This isn't your normal looking for group and community server. ✩ New simple system for advertising ✩ A variety of discords for you to advertise/join to find your perfect discord ✩ Real interaction - Creating auto bumping so you don't have to!

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