Serenity (18+) SFW

882 members

✨️Serenity is an 18+ SFW VC centered server.✨️ We are here to bring people together and make friends online.✨️ We mainly Voice Chat.✨️ We have a Private MINECRAFT server!✨️ Come game, do art, play D&D, watch movies, anime, and chill. ✨️Join us!✨️

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Game Tester

18,135 members

Game Tester brings gamers & developers together from all over the world - rewarding testers for providing fast & detailed feedback at scale.

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Imagine a World

75 members

Imagine um mundo onde as pessoas possam encontrar seus melhores momentos em um único espaço ou encontrar seus novos conhecimentos.

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🎇 » nichind — Imagine a develop…

235 members

cozy community server

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Imagine Smurfs

600 members

⚡Imagine Smurfs [ENG] Looking for duo, account exchange, boosting. [PL] Szukanie gry, wymiana kont, boosting.

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A Gay Place

5,081 members

🏳️‍🌈 IMAGINE A SAFE-SPACE 🏳️‍🌈 ✨ It's a Little Gay in Here ✨ ❤️ Safest LGTBQ+ Safe Space on Discord ❤️

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Internet Money💸

417 members

Imagine a world where making money is not just a dream but a daily reality.

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🦇 Insanity Gen (Alt gen)

8,860 members

🕷️ Insanity is a high quality alt gen which provides the BEST alts from every site you could ever imagine for FREE. Join now and never get banned again. Insanity. 🔥

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Cloudy Designs

118 members

Want free and attractive designs for your server? Cloudy Designs offers a variety of designs that best suits you. Logos, banners, or anything you can imagine!

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Shapes, Inc.

118,321 members

Imagine a friend... who can text you & your friends, talk in ur language, go on adventures with u, share memories & more

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944 members

👑 AI for research, art, coding and more. Boost productivity with an all-in-one AI assistant. Explore AI tools, use cases, review and news on our server 💎 Multimodal ChatGPT Plus ⭐VHQ Imagine & Editing ⭐ Music & Voice ⭐ AI Agents ⭐ Use for FREE ⭐

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239 members

we provide free signals and lesson also free technical analysis this week we made 985% profits from just the free signal and the TA we send imagine how much youd make if you join our vip! and the vip is so cheap its only 20$ youd make that back in a day

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