86 members

Point Gun is a new upcoming nft top down Shooter game on the polygon chain. We have taken inspiration from games like GTA Chinatown Wars and strive to deliver a fun to play not pay2win game.

Lo_gun's Hangout
53 members

Here at Lo_gun's Hangout, you will find a good community to help you and also find some people to play within any game you like to play

Ricks Services
Ricks Services
620 members


Firearms, But Friendly.
Firearms, But Friendly.
4,456 members

Firearms, but Friendly, a community where everyone can share in their common interest without being belittled, made fun of, or dismissed for any reason.

Airguns Community
587 members

Welcome to the Airguns Community, we aim to assist both new and experienced airgun enthusiasts, and have friendly conversations!

Valorant Community/Sell…
3,848 members

"Join our Valorant trading hub to buy, sell, and trade your favorite in-game items. Connect with fellow players, discover exclusive bundles, and level up your Valorant experience!"

Firearms, and Firearm Accessories
Firearms, and Firearm A…
1,426 members

We are a server dedicated to encouraging our members to get out, touch grass, and shoot their guns. Our goal is to be a friendly, non discriminatory server where everyone is welcome, and we hold regular prize giving competitions.

fae's Boujee Emojis
1,442 members

Aesthetic and boujee emojis. Nothing more, nothing less. No chat, no pings, no promotions. Come check it out!

Legion of The Six
Legion of The Six
1,142 members

Struggling to get tasks done? Are you low on rubbles and/or gear? Want to learn a new map? What about some pvp tips? Maybe your stash needs to be organized? Possibly just looking for people to squad up with? Look no further, join the Legion today!

1,027 members

Custom modded dayz server for PlayStation4/5

BeneluxRP - Official discord
BeneluxRP - Official di…
563 members

BENELUXRP-Fivem roleplay

💠 Sparky Services 💠
💠 Sparky Services 💠
117 members

MWII / WZ2 Sparky Services (1k+ Customers) Cheapest Services around the market ! Bot Lobby (7.99$) Hard Unlock (250$ for Orion - 190$ Max all weapons) Nuke hoster ! Unlock all Tool Undetectable !

Xagi’s COD Services
29 members

Xagi’s COD Mods provides(Bot Lobbies) (Dark Aether) (DM Ultra(Pack A Punch Camos) (Gun Levels) (Max Level) (Calling Cards For Multi/Zombies)

Odd Fella's
Odd Fella's
301 members

ODD FELLA'S is a competitive vr gaming team who orientate around the game Gun Raiders.

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