Nitro Giveaways
175 members

Nitro giveaways

Giveaway Bay
129 members

Server where every month several giveaways will be hosted. And a place where you just can chill and talk to other people.

Save The World Giveaway…
123 members

We are doing daily giveaways items,guns,traps and whatever you can imagine.

Giveaway Hub
101 members

Welcome to giveaway hub! This is where we do pet simulator x giveaways on roblox! Come and join to win awesome prizes 😎

Adopt me giveaways!
72 members

Free adopt me pets

Fortnite code drops and…
68 members

ill drop codes in this server and do many giveaways, SOMETIMES EVEN WILDCAT GIVEAWAYS!

Giveaway Lounge🎁🎉
68 members

1. Nice community 2. Lots of giveaways 3.Active chat (this server was may speacialy for giveaways)

66 members

Hi, we made a list of servers that do giveaways for free robux 🎉 (500, 1k and even 10k robux giveaways) Join this server to see a full list of those servers :)

GameHub | Games & Free Giveaways!
GameHub | Games & Free …
63 members

Proper Competitions hold free raffles through our discord. Come join us!

Circus Giveaways
34 members

Simple new giveaway server. Nitro, Gift cards, etc will be given away. Currently hosting 4x Nitro Basic Giveaway.

Sigma Drops&Giveaways
32 members

Hello! Here are some reasons why you should join my server :)

Astro Kingdom • Fun • G…
27 members

👑ASTRO KINGDOM👑 This is Astro Kingdom. It is a very fun server where you can make new friends and play games and if you want you can join in on our events and giveaways we host weekly and you can advertise your own server in Astro Kingdom.

Daily USA Giveaway
26 members

if you love freebies, sweepstakes and giveaways then this is the ultimate channel for you. you will find all the links to enter here!

• 🎁 Flux's Magical Univ…
13 members

Our server is about giveaways and fun. >Good people >Giveaways >Amazing chats >Cool emojies

Mm2 Giveaways
7 members

The official server has over 1.8k members. Join the server for more info

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