84 members

Общение, ивенты, розыгрыши, фильмы и многое другое!

The Friendly Community
96 members

Hi we are just looking for members

Clock's friendly hangout
48 members

A chill hangout server were you can be yourself.

Degeneracy | Fun • Frie…
19 members

Welcome to Degeneracy, this is a place were you hang out, make friends & chat either in a VC or any text channel. Join now!

Friendly Server
72 members

Hello this is a friendly server and we are not strict our rules are simple and have fun!

Friendly Discordhood
382 members

A new and friendly, community-based server. Many different channels related to stuff like Anime, movies, music and many other things to chat about. We have self-assignable roles and more to be added soon! All are welcome!

MANIOUS Community
MANIOUS Community
2,365 members

Welcome to our Gaming Community Discord server! Join the ultimate gathering of passionate Gamers. Engage in lively discussions & join our giveaways. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, this friendly community welcomes all skill levels.

Mayhem Royals
Mayhem Royals
337 members

Upon Joining Open A Ticket To Verify To Have Access To The Server Just Make Sure To Have Your ID & Selfie Of You Holding A Piece Of Paper With Your Discord Name & The Date.

Global Currency Exchange™
Global Currency Exchang…
8,167 members

Global Exchange 🌎 • Exchange your PayPal, Crypto and GiftCards! 🍁 • Extremely High fees 🍀 • Fast and angry exchangers ⚡ • We have many satisfied clients ✨ • Upcoming Crypto giveaways! 🎁 • 🆔 Needed

Official Exchange ™
Official Exchange ™
6,360 members

💱Official Exchange Exchange your PayPal, Crypto, Giftcards and more! ✅ Lowest fees globally ❤️ Fast and friendly exchangers

Enginechairs 😈
Enginechairs 😈
5,014 members

Join our MW3 UNLOCK ALL TOOL Server: Unlock All for MW2 / MW3 ✅ All Camos in seconds - 100% undetected - No ban ⭐ - You get Guide, Key & Software - All works with 1 Click (2 Mins) ✨ - We have 5000 Reviews

The Frog Kingdom
The Frog Kingdom
97 members

Hello❗TheFrogKingdom is a CHILL Server where you can: ⬆️Level up by talking⬆️ 🎮 Make LFG Posts! 🎮 🧑Make New Friends! 🧑 🛠️Make inventions! 🛠️ 🎨Share your art! 🎨 🤖Talk with bots🤖 🎥Promote your content!🎥 🏆Earn Prizes!🏆 And more! Give us a try!

Natural Born Degenerates
Natural Born Degenerates
67 members

💞 A BDSM & Sexual Positivity server run by a D/s couple in a 24/7 dynamic 💞 ❤️ Focused on being a friendly, non-judgemental space for learning and discussion of BDSM, Dynamics & Sexual Positivity. 💋 NSFW & XXX channels for almost any kinks.

Furry Legion
Furry Legion
24,093 members

Furry Legion is an active and fast growing furry server aimed to create a positive and accepting place on Discord for furs, and non furs alike!
38,813 members

Are you a User? Are you looking to be part of a fun and wild NSFW community? This is the place for you!

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