Irl Trading Dagger Accs/Coins B…

1,268 members

❗❗We are Dagger Accounts and Coins, we sell coins and accounts❗❗ ❗Tons of vouches❗ 💰😍Cheapest Coin Price: 0.07😍💰 🧓We are a store with a long time in this business more than 2 years,🧓

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202 members

**Calling Dank Memers!** Join our crew for thrilling cross-server heists, but teamwork's key. We share the loot & help newbies! Friendly competition only - negativity gets yeeted. **Join us & build a Dank Memer empire!**

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Dank Zingers

65 members

An independent server with no partnerships with private Large dank memer giveaways to a low amount of members So giveaway splits are bigger than being in a famous server

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485 members

We're a PREMIUM, active community based server around the Dank Memer bot, using custom bots we make your experience even better! This server is run by Lamb, who is an official Dank Memer Support Moderator.

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Reverts Jungle | Nitro • Giveaw…

7,392 members

ˊˎ- Hi,We Host Huge Giveaways w/ Nitro drops, Daily Heists, Simon Says And Minigames & We Have Dank Memer premium,Pokecord,Mudae and its a lot of fun, we also have a lot a leveling system and

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The Dank Earthers *˚✿

345 members

Hi! We are Dank Earthers, a Dank Memer-based server. Here's what you can expect in our server: ・ Daily giveaways ・ Weekly 25M heists ・ Fun events ・ Friendly community and staff ・ A multitude of fun bots ・ Heist and rob permanently disabled

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Rosie's Basement

163 members

Looking for a server to chill out with friends and random people? You're in the right place. **Join us right now.**🫦 We do 15b worth dank memer unfriendly heists every week.

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125 members

Amazing, active, dank memer server! Giveaways 🌠 Rob Disabled ⛔ Fun games 🎂 Dank memer 🐸 Slots and Black Jack 🤖MUCH MORE! 💎

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★The Dank Domain★™

93 members

🌟 Join the ★Dank Memer Hub★ 🌟

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𝑫𝒂𝒏𝒌 𝑹𝒐𝒃𝒃𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒏 $

80 members

Sup. Welcome to Dank Robbers. For all your Dank Memer robbing needs.

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52 members

Heist/Bankrob Disabled... Unless its purge day Millions <Gaveaway a day

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44 members

Here, you can chat, play, welcome new members and more!

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