chill zone
108 members

A nice and chill sever for everyone. We have gaming channels, gaming news channels, channels for car fans, hobbies channels etc. A nice place for everyone to chill and have some fun

The Chill Zone
64 members

Welcome to The Chill Zone! This server is a place where you can socialize and talk with other members! Our server has many emojis, fun channels, and more! We hope you enjoy your time at The Chill Zone!

Arabe & Chill
57 members

Bienvenue sur Arabe & Chill, un serveur communautaire, fun ou tout le monde est la bienvenue afin de discuter sur toute sorte de choses. Tu peut également faire de nouvelles rencontres car notre communautée est très accueillante.
57 members

Hii discorders welcome to ur own safe studying, vibing, relaxing,chilling station...Have fun

🍉 The Chill House 🍉 | S…
42 members

¡Unete para hablar con tus nuevos amigos!

☕• Le chill café •🍃
37 members

Hello! Do you wanna join a fun and calm server? Come on! Hey! Tu veux rejoindre un serveur chill est tranquille? Rejoins nous! English & Français

Chill Vibes and High Sc…
33 members

A small but fun community that loves to chill, talk, play games, and meet new people. Events every weekend, and open to criticism for making the server better.

The Chill Arcade
33 members

The Chill Arcade | SFW | New people to meet! | Giveaways and Events for things like cash!

Dragon Ball Z Chill
19 members

A new Dragon ball chill server for fans of it to relax and make friends.

The Chill Place
2 members

We are chill and let people vent and help people calm down!

Young royals. Chill and hangout
Young royals. Chill and…
485 members

Young royals discord server with a nice and chill climate where you can rant and talk about young royals

✨ Lofi Chai || Study/Wo…
477 members

Lochai is a chill lofi server full of active people. It is complete with memes, custom emotes, and numerous chat channels.

Chill Plaza
468 members

Chill Plaza is Super active server and Growing Really Fast.

Paradox | Social And Ch…
395 members

Server to chill around, we vc everyday, everybody knows eachother and we play a lot of valorant and other games.

Chill Hangout
351 members

If you ever just want a place to chill, chill hangout is the place for you. We are a pretty new server with a lot of fun to offer. We have many great bots and a really fun and welcoming community. We also offer nsfw and vc's. We are open for partnerships

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