The Ultimate Group Chat
173 members

Welcome to The Ultimate Group Chat! This server has all the goodness of a regular Discord server, and more! See the various channels that go over about every interest that you can have and join our amazing community.

English Chatting
106 members

The best Discord server to chat and make new friends from all over the world Greek Chat
98 members

Το Greek Chat είναι καλύτερο δωρεάν ελληνικό chat για συζητήσεις, φιλίες και γνωριμίες! Κάμερα, κοινή χρήση φωτογραφιών και βίντεο και αποστολή μηνυμάτων.

94 members

Hello welcome to Nebuchat a gaming server

God has left the chat
79 members

This server is for everybody mostly gamers but anyone can join you can use this discord for playing games with some fellow members send memes or you can even use it just to chat with people. This server is pretty edgy so beware if your easily offended

Fun Chat
79 members

A fun server where you can chat about anything! If you want any staff roles you will have to start as a trial mod or take a staff quiz. If you want any roles or a colored name, just ask the owner!

Offline Chat
65 members

This is a server for the MCYT (Minecraft Youtube) fandom. If you engage in Minecraft streaming, making content, or socializing and gaming, feel free to join us! Here in the Offline Chat, you'll find the welcoming community to be a fit for your interests!

god's chat
58 members

This is a social community, we like to talk! Here you can join giveaways (not nitro btw), talk to people and have fun!

Chat Boulevard
52 members


AniOtaku Chat Space
52 members

AniOtaku is a chat server for otakus and weebs or even just a random League of Legends player who wants to say hello! We recommend having an age of 14 above. This community features games, chat, and music!

52 members

A friendly, comfy server for gamers, small streamers, and people who enjoy videogames culture. Our server is moderated and has several bots. If you're a content creator, ask us how to join our Content Creator group!

Just Chatting
49 members

I've seen how popular the twitch directory is so I thought why not make a place where decent people can come and chat about various topics? I split the server into <18 and 18> age population and anyone who's not a troll/spammer is welcome.

Chat & Music
49 members

Chat & Music is a server where you can chat with people, as well as listen to music! There is also a gaming section where you chat about gaming, play, and vc at the same time! There is also a news section where I give you quick and interesting world news!

Chill & Chat
47 members

Come and hang out, make friends, and have fun! Whether you want to talk about anime/manga, gaming, share memes, or cute pictures of your pet rock. Just Chill & Chat.

Dank Chat
46 members

Join or else butter dog will die... :(

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