Mika Paradise | Social 🔮 Gaming…

972,546 members

🔗 🔗 1. Social Anime Server on Discord 💜 We have 500 emotes and host tons of Nitro Giveaways. Chill, meet friends & E-Girls! Join now 💛

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Artistic Reality・ Art ・ Music ・…

2,171 members

Artistic Reality is a community art sever for all types of art, illustrations, music or writing! It offers a whole category for each type, managed by elected members of the community!

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🌸 Nillopa's Art Café⸝⸝ Art & Co…

6,630 members

• • •✦Comfy Mochi is the best server for the artists to have fun, sell, buy, meet new friends and much more! ㅤ✦Music, coding, fursuit, literature, art commission channels ㅤ✦Friendly, kind, and welcoming community ㅤ✦Trades, YCH and adopt channels

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𓂃 🎨 :: s4drosee's art server ✿…

36 members

welcome to my little discord server ^^ we are a lil community who loves art!! if u like art too! u should join us! we are always looking for members!

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Black Gamers 30+ | Anime∙ Art∙ …

27 members

The best black server on Discord. Invite:

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Chat Lounge 18+ • SFW Adult Com…

28,951 members

Addicting SFW Adult 18+ Community With Over 28,000 Members - Welcome to Chat Lounge! We offer active chats & members, voice chat lobbies, games, events, giveaways, and more!

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Supernoobs Creative Club - Art,…

13,726 members

A friendly community for artists, graphic designers and creatives of all kinds to connect, inspire and learn. We also provide a marketplace for freelancers and clients to buy and sell commissions.

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Blu’s Art World

259 members

Hi! Blu's Art World is a simple art server for people to talk about all types of art and creative work, music, writing, 3D, video, anything at all! We are a community of artists looking for other artists to talk too! We have an art forum, join now!

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Black People Online | Social∙ G…

55 members

We are a black community server. Invite

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Serenity (18+) SFW

64 members

Serenity is an 18+ SFW VC centered server. We are here to bring people together and make friends online. We mainly Voice Chat. Come game, do art, play D&D, watch movies, anime, and chill. Join us!

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ʚ₊˚ ꒰🌸・euphoria 幸福 °. ♡ | kawai…

26,339 members

୧・ᓚᘏᗢ₊˚໑ aesthetic pink + cuddly community to make friends ♡ 500+ cute emotes & stickers ♡ mental health ♡ inclusive family ♡ kawaii safe space ♡ lgbtq+ friendly ♡ aesthetic decor & icons ♡ wholesome vcs / podcasts ♡

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243 members

are you tired of art-based discord servers that take themselves way too seriously? come join us, chill out in vc, and actually get some art done for once 🥴

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