10YOART Community
881 members

All about art, everyone is welcome!

824 members


Art Grave
806 members

We are Art Zone! Art Zone is a fast growing Art focused community looking for active users to join our server. We have all kinds of creative from 3d art to cooking. come and share art and socialize with us!!!

Art Discord
673 members

Welcome to Art Discord! This community will gather artists from all over the world:> You will be able to meet new artists, show your work and more! We hope you will have a great time!

Digital Art Club
Digital Art Club
603 members

A place for artists and collectors alike

Art Hotel
Art Hotel
550 members

The Art Hotel is a place where all types of talent are shared and featured: Art, Writing, Music, Gaming and More! ︶꒦ ﹒ Hotel Themed Server ︶꒦ ﹒ hangout with our community! ︶꒦ ﹒Monthly, Weekly and Daily Events and more! ︶꒦﹒ Friendly & active staff!

amethyst | ・art・gaming
amethyst | ・art・gaming
543 members

A New Aesthetic/Active Server

The Art Office
523 members

‧ ₊˚ʚ `🌷` ꒰꒰ : the art office ♡ ༉‧₊ join us n share ur art. however you're creative you're welcome here ♡ ♡ ♡ . °. •。* .•. ° 。•. °. * .·.

Shrimpo's Art Server
316 members

This server is an active art server for artists to advertise their commissions and find a like minded community! We strive to be open to everyone and anyone, artist or not. Looking to buy or sell? This is the right place!

The Artist's Alliance
The Artist's Alliance
332 members

Welcome to the artist alliance where artists get together to share, create and sell work together!Here's what we have to offer! Our main goal is to kickstart artists careers in freelance work

Rainbow's Talkative Pla…
170 members

A hangout server that contains games, friends, art, music, anime and more!

Octo's Art Tree: REVIVAL
83 members

Octo's Art Tree: REVIVAL is a fun art community server! You can talk about things from 2D art to amazing culinary dishes! OATR is a great place to learn about different arts and make new friends! Come join the server today!

Ultimate AI Art Communi…
91 members

✰ All are welcome in the Ultimate AI Art Community! ✰ Chill out, make art with Midjourney and Wombo! ✰ Fastest-growing AI community ✰ Inclusive / Positive ✰ Join us now!

Art Space
67 members

Hi, I'm Inq! This is my little 18+ art and community server! I made this server to let other artists share their art and build friendships through shared interests. Non-artists are of course still welcome!

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