Digital Art
4,289 members

A great place to get to know other artists, exchange advice and feedback, and help each other to get better at our craft.

Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Projects
Cryptocurrency Degenera…
3,171 members


NSFW Artist club!
2,756 members

We are an 18+ Discord server geared towards NSFW artists. No matter if you are seasoned veteran or just starting out on your lewd art journey, our community is the perfect place to hang out and talk to other artists, request critiques or share your work.

Artificial Paintings
Artificial Paintings
2,462 members

Artificial Paintings combine innovations of AI technology with an artistic approach to deliver magnificent works of generative art.

1,497 members

✧ Blender, Substance Painter, Unity, etc. ✧ 3D Products ✧ Public Market ✧ Models for VR-Chat ✧ Free Assets ✧ Variety of other art, ie. Digital Art, etc,

Casper's Art
Casper's Art
1,446 members

This is Casper the Ghost's Art Secret Art Server!!! (S... Don't tell anyone :D)

ai Art
1,413 members

Welcome to r/aiArt Discord group! A community focused on the discussion, sharing and creation of AI assisted artwork.

The Tokenist Art Collective
The Tokenist Art Collec…
1,121 members

Battle:Collage is an interactive and collaborative project where you are not only the owner of the art, but also the artist yourself. It consists of a grid of 9126 squares, each 30x30 pixels, and each sold and tradable individually as a NFT.

1,053 members

Welcome to our CTRL / ART / D discord server! You will absolutely enjoy it, especially if you are interested in NFTs, generative art and art in general!

Art Grave
819 members

We are Art Zone! Art Zone is a fast growing Art focused community looking for active users to join our server. We have all kinds of creative from 3d art to cooking. come and share art and socialize with us!!!

Art Discord
692 members

Welcome to Art Discord! This community will gather artists from all over the world:> You will be able to meet new artists, show your work and more! We hope you will have a great time!

Art Hotel
Art Hotel
606 members

The Art Hotel is a place where all types of talent are shared and featured: Art, Writing, Music, Gaming and More! ︶꒦ ﹒ Hotel Themed Server ︶꒦ ﹒ hangout with our community! ︶꒦ ﹒Monthly, Weekly and Daily Events and more! ︶꒦﹒ Friendly & active staff!

Digital Art Club
Digital Art Club
599 members

A place for artists and collectors alike

amethyst | ・art・gaming
amethyst | ・art・gaming
580 members

A New Aesthetic/Active Server

The Art Office
505 members

‧ ₊˚ʚ `🌷` ꒰꒰ : the art office ♡ ༉‧₊ join us n share ur art. however you're creative you're welcome here ♡ ♡ ♡ . °. •。* .•. ° 。•. °. * .·.

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