♡Aɴιмᴇ Woʀʟᴅ♡ #Anime
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Sunucumuz anime owo sunucusudur gelmen bizi sevindirdi eğlenceli vakit geçirmek için ideal sunucu

MEGA #0,5K🌍 | HeroLinux…
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vietato ai minori di 13 anni per troppa ironia. server ben protetto da staff & modder, divertitevi, giocate insieme e se notate malintenzionati segnalate, cosicchè possiamo mantenere una community socievole e perfetta!

🎃Anime Adventures [FR]
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Salut ! Bienvenue sur le serveur Anime Adventures [FR] ! Ici, bonne entente et entraide ;)

Anime Community
Anime Community
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Welcome to Anime Community! What you can find here? ▸ SFW ▸ Non toxic members ▸ Fun bots ▸ Partners ▸ much roles ▸ emotes

IG Anime Community
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We enjoy watching anime and chatting we are happy to have you<33 enjoy chatting and or calling have a good time!

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This Server is for hanging out, playing games, and talking, it has NSFW, and lots more to see. -📺watching movies -💩watching Meme -🎶your-music-that you anyone listens to. -⛰️wallpapers to show anyone. -tabs of NSFW.😏 -My channel is social media.

🌸°. Anime Cloud+🌟
🌸°. Anime Cloud+🌟
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❤️°Bienvenidos a Anime Cloud°☁ Somos un servidor con amplias categorías de bots, entre ellas tenemos de: Nekotina, Poketwo, Mudae, Waifugami, Cactus, Karuta, entre otros.

AI Anime Generator
AI Anime Generator
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A server for Generating art and anime with AI!

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👑 Active and Chill Server 🌸 Anime ⭐ Custom Emojis 🎉 Weekly Giveaways 🎉 Events 🎨 Art 🎮 Gaming 🎊 Fun 🤖Custom Bots

Anime City
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We have lots of fun bots to mess around with for gaming, music, ranking, roles selection etc. We have lots of channels for memes, media and art share, industry news and releases notifications.

jbw ・anime discord
jbw ・anime discord
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jet black wings is an anime server with a theme of the anime "the disastrous life of saiki k". although that anime is the server theme, this place is not limited to that anime alone.

S. A. U 🎓 Sugoi Anime…
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-New server -Anime and manga rooms -Gaming rooms -Bots -Anime and manga recommendation rooms -LGBT friendly -Chill place to hangout

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A friendly server based around Anime and Manga. We welcome everyone to join our community and enjoy discussing any type of topics with us

ᵔᴥᵔ Anime World ⛩| ≧◡≦ …
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Here's what we offer: 💮 Anime channels 💮 Gaming Channels 💮 Donations Area 💮 Future giveaways 💮 poketwo bots and channels 💮 24/7 Lofi Music for you to chill to 💮 Smooth music bots to listen to your fav song

ᴛʜᴇ・ᴇxᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ・social・anime・aesthetic ・gaming ・music・crypto ・GIFs・emoji ⁞ emotes
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ᴛʜᴇ・ᴇxᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ・GIFs・emoji ⁞ emotes・social・anime・aesthetic ・gaming ・music・crypto

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