❝ shifting realities ❞
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This is a small cottage core/fairy core-themed server where you can share information, share experiences, and learn more about reality shifting! This server contains correct information! We are an LGBTQ+ friendly server with a friendly staff!

Smellie's Pit
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In here, we make sure you get a safe and friendly environment to express your kinks. Within submitting you will be met-up by great people and doms that operate from time to time that will take you themselves to dom you. . ~ We are horny, but we are great!

🌊 Dulgorae [둘고래]
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A server for open-minded Korean Music enthusiasts

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This is official Discord server for L2GloryDays.eu community. Lineage 2 GoD Glory Days Chronicle! 3x Rates L2OFF No P2W https://l2glorydays.eu/

💰 VOID BETS 💰 | Fixed M…
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Best fixed matches on the market!

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ErrorLAB is a multi-service Company that connects technology Masters with people who can be helped.

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PLAYGIRL NFT is the first NFT collection of digital top models on the Solana Blockchain.

Cái Hang Sơn Doong Mà T…
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mẹ mày béo

The Naughty Corner (18+)
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Welcome to The Naughty Corner! A place that welcomes people of all race, gender, and identities, we have a wide selection of channels dedicated to sharing memes, chilling out in VC, and even sharing nudes and suggestive photos of yourself.

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Semi-active Small community 350+ emotes pfps game bots valorant

Islamic brothers & sist…
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The Anvil
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Welcome to The Anvil - we’re a group of veteran Halo community members bringing you the best forge and custom game content around. Become a member of The Anvil on Discord and be a part of one of the most active Halo forging communities!

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Tempat cari teman mabar,berbagi keluh kesah bersama member lainnya.

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NFT Community for Creators, Buyers, Traders and all Cryptocurrency lovers!

Discover Earth
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Discover Earth is a place to share your adventures & experiences of ✨wonder✨. Where nature lovers, wildlife photographers, astronomers, hikers, divers, scientists, psychonauts & pantheists vibe with their tribe of like-minded wonder seekers. ✨🌍

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