😎 PicardiaMojis
430 members

😎 Super-cool server with over 90 Picardia (aka EmotiGuy) emotes ready to use for free. 😎 No regulations, no restrictions, no paying. 😎 JOIN US AND START USING EMOJIS WHEREVER YOU WANT!

119 members

Welcome~!we hope you enjoy yourself, and the owner is always horny so feel free to chat with him we are always looking for ne members who are active and okay with many pings

Paladins of Games
71 members

The Paladins of Games are a group of peoples who wish to make games, mainly Roblox, feel better. The peoples in the server rank up by helping each other and by taking care of those unwanted peoples who ruins he gaming experience. We also love chilling.

Casual Gaming
419 members

Welcome to Casual Gaming! We are a chilled out active community based around socialising with friends and gaming.

・Legends Community™ | S…
418 members

💣 Welcome to Legends Community™ 💯

414 members

A public Discord server where any King Palm fan can join and interact with other fans across the globe. Find out what the community is about by joining today. To find out more about King Palm, go to: https://kingpalm.com/

Thomasiee ♡
414 members

Hey there, this server is a small community that is looking for more members to create a fun and enjoyable place for anyone to chat from gamers to artists and anyone else. We have up to 60 bots that you can use. We hope to see you there :) - Thomas ♡

🍥 fluff
414 members

╰┈➤ more than 130 color roles ╰┈➤ available self roles. ╰┈➤ fun vcs & music. ╰┈➤ lots of music, games, entertaining bots.

Social Panel
413 members

Welcome to Social Panel. We offer the cheapest SMM Services on the internet. View our website here: https://socialpanel.xyz/ Join our discord: discord.gg/socialpanel for free instagram likes

Reveia | Medieval Fanta…
217 members

A Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Server! Create a character in a vast, open world torn by conflict. Battle mystical beasts and harness magic to influence the world around you. Build your legacy. Join Reveia today!

Busy Bees
216 members

Are YOU trying to become your best self? So are we! We're a community of college students with rigorous academic course loads who participate in weekly productivity competitions. If you're up for the challenge, we can't wait to meet you!

402 members

Our sever is based off of hanime what we do is talk about different hanime or do nsfw images we also have a spam chat. Come here to talk about hanime and don't be shy and give us good ideas on what to watch next

400 members

91 members

The best roleplaying experience! Good content active staff

390 members

【📜】 Scripts 【🚗】 Vehicles 【👔】Clothes 【🩸】 Hud's 【📱】 Phones 【👑】 Anticheats 【💻】Servers 【🌀】Loading Screens 【🧾】 ESX & QB Scripts 【✨】Giveaways 【🏠】 Maps

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