Hauzi Lounge
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Self-promotion channels | Streamers | Gaming | Community | Music | Many bots| Easy to follow rules | and many more

Dee’s Coffeé Shop
466 members

Welcome to the server! Please make sure to do a few quick things before getting cozy~ 💕lgbtq And Anime Friendly 💕Amazing Gaming Community 💕Custom Roles And Channel 💕Subscription/loyalty Base Channel Looking For Discord Boosters

🤍Espressoka's Study Roo…
229 members

Are you struggling with being productive, staying motivated and in need of a study buddy? So join this server and let's motivate each other and be the best study buddies you ever imagined! 💐💸✨

Worldwide Racing League
127 members

We at the WorldWide Racing League use alot of different games to promote our streaming content whether it be through via Ps4 or via Pc. These games include IRacing, Heat5, SRX, GTAV, F1, Gt Sport, and Wreckfest with way more to come.

165 members

Crypto/NFT based server with a friendly community ranging from Artists/Gamers and many more we also do Nitro giveaways

452 members

BlackVeMarket, Start creating and uploading NFTs right now !

442 members

WELCOME TO COINSHOP! ✅ ON OUR SERVER YOU CAN: -BUY THE CHEAPEST COINS (0.15$ Per 1MIL) ✅ -We are also buying ur items/accounts/coins✅ -STOCK OVER BILLIONS✅ -We do bunch of giveaways✅ -180+vouches ✅ -500members ✅

MultiVersus Hub
99 members

Hangout for Chatting, Gaming, Meeting New People, Memes, Videos, and Friends. :)

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Our goal is to bring all digital pilots from around the globe together in one place!

cat office
60 members

helo there!  this server is brand new and there is only one mod and staff in the current meantime so I really would appreciate it if you would like to join to participate in it!

The Bullet Shop
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⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚The Bullet Shop˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ Is a Gaming focused server to let you know people to play with. Feel free to join our VC’s and conversations. Everyone is welcome to join our server !

Thug Server (durst)
397 members

fred durst

33 members

Astronautgaming was Founded back in November 2020. The Reason behind creating Astronautgaming was to connect Streamers Communities together and to create a Streaming Group, for example something like Yogscast.

97 members

We are a chill gaming & hangout server looking for new members, with a friendly community and nice people. <<>>

Chill Mental Hospital
45 members

This server is for fun and for everyone to make friends and feel welcome! So be respectful and have fun!

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