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[Minecraft, Mature] Start your journey today! A freshly generated 1.18.2 survival world, cross-play support for Java and Bedrock, monthly server events, and an exceptionally friendly and mature community. Looking forward to meeting you on Stormy Lagoon!

Levi Squad
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Come join Levi Squad! We have anime, gaming, bots, and a close community! Non-toxic and LGBTQ+ friendly. Love having new people join! Talk to official Attack on Titan Characters or just chat with other users!!

Chill ASS
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Chill ASS is a Non/Semi Toxic community related to 14+ members. We offer: -Lots of emojis -LGBTQ+ friendly space -Tons of bots and minigames We are currently looking for staff members

Deluxo | Marketplace
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Welcome to Deluxo! ✅ We mod on (PS4,PS5,Xbox One,PC). ✅ We have more than 350 Customers. ✅ We have the cheapest prices than any other service! ✅ We sell Console/PC Pre-Modded Accounts,Services,Mod Menus.

Sangwoo's basement
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Just a nice place to chill and make friends <3

Flaucy Abe
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Of people, by people and for the people. 🔥 NFT collection of 5,555 Flaucy Abe's living on the Ethereum blockchain. JOIN THE FAMILY NOW!

˖˙ Ichigo Discord ᴵᶜʰ ༝
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Hola, eso es Ichigo, servidor en español de memes y anime

The Legion
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Spanish speaking server, a place to game and have fun. We usually play shooters, rpgs and MMOs

🔒 The Vault 🔒
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A safe place for people to do things they're socially awkward or anxious about. Promote and sell your content, just share your photos or lurk. No bullying, racism or homophobic slang/insults.

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We are a small community of like minded people

Quarantine Squad
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A chill fun and friendly place to meet and interact with new people around the globe

Let's Count
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Do you love numbers, numbers, and... Uhm... numbers? 😅 Then you need to be in here! This server is all about numbers. Actually, it's all about counting!

JumanJi's Hub
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A cute little welcoming community based on discord, and other stuff with lots of dmc and nitro Giveaway.

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👋VALORANT community for friendly people

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