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Rubicube collection is the first part of a story about two brothers, about the eternal struggle within oneself. The struggle with oneself is present throughout the life of every human. Often this struggle is a continuation of a choice that has already been made based on the scale of values ​​of a particular person. Any victory over oneself is the result of suppressing what was in the way and when self-control is weakened, it can break out. Ruby's character is positive, sometimes serious, but unlike his brother, he does not like violence or cruelty. Rubi is too vulnerable, although at first he was selfish, not noticing his brother in everything.

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What is the server invite for the Rubi Cube NFT Discord server?

The invite link for the Rubi Cube NFT Discord server is

When was the Rubi Cube NFT Discord server created?

The Rubi Cube NFT Discord server was created on Oct. 20, 2021, 4:02 a.m. (1 year, 11 months ago)

Is the Rubi Cube NFT Discord server SFW?

Yes, Rubi Cube NFT is marked as SFW, meaning it should only contain topics that are safe for a work environment.