Avisa Games Guild
28,433 members

Avisa Arcade is a community of blockchain gamers, looking to leverage NFTs, blockchain and the Play2Earn (P2E) space to enrich the gaming experience for everyone involved with Axie Infinity Scholarships and many more.

5,716 members

Dreamland is a Web 3 wellness app that rewards you for sleeping well and living healthier. Powered by GameFi and Social Fi elements, users can earn token rewards through sleep and building healthy habits.

53,535 members

Mones is a Hero-collecting RPG where you collect over 200 hero characters, turn them into skilled warriors through training then fight in PvE/PvP battles to take over the kingdom.

58,432 members

Abeats protocol is a game issuance platform on Avalanche Network. AbeatsHero is the first game launched from Abeats platform. AbeatsHero is RPG mobile game. Players can earn while enjoying the high quality game play.

Athena Labs
2,370 members

AthenaLabs is determined to making a splash in Web3. Building a GameFi ecosystem that includes NFT Staking, wrapped around the Athena Token.

Battle Warriors
2,345 members

Discord Community for an upcoming NFT gaming and play-2-earn franchise. Vikings of ETH releasing at the end of the year, see you in Valhalla

Designer Punks
2,152 members

Solana NFT project. Play 2 Earn | Metaverse | $DSNR coin. Join our Discord for a good time & regular events.

Human Divergence
1,569 members

👋 Human Divergence is the next-gen gaming metaverse where you live out your dreams. 💥 This is a battle royale RPG based on blockchain technology where players must have a mintable NFT to play their character and earn money with just their skills.

1,065 members

This is the server of our future P2E game!

18,179 members

Come and join the best NFT game-fi project which is you can earn your first bucket of gold here. https://metahorse.global/

9,508 members

🎮 LandRocker is a play-to-earn online multiplayer game based on blockchain technology which supports PC, browser and mobile gaming. Play fierce PvP battles 🛩️, nail-biting vehicle races 🏎️ and most exciting of all – earn crypto 💰!

Forgotten Chain
17,821 members

ForgottenChain is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a player-driven mysterious fantasy universe, the action takes place within three rival kingdoms (Xaetha, Taria, Drakary).

Wombat Gamers
69,993 members

Hi Wombat Gamer and welcome to our server! Check out what you can do here!

Yuliverse [OFFICIAL]
12,394 members

🌎 World First Socialfi AR Metaverse on BSC chain👾 Inspired by Pokemon Go & Tinder👩🏻🤝👨🏼 Make Friends and Earn

Sol Unicorns 3D
16,327 members

Sol Unicorns 3D is NFT Collection of 7,777 Unicorns living on the Solana Blockchain

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