40 members

Open to anyone wanting to learn and discuss coding, music, and art. Also wanting to enable track and art discovery. Collabs welcome.

Music artists
39 members

Any one who makes beats, any body who makes song, tbh you can join whatever you're. We just be havin fun and be making songs and beats, we game too, kinda dead cuz we need new ppl

The Musical Mansion
The Musical Mansion
27 members

Welcome to The Musical Mansion! Talk to people who have similar musical interests and make friends along the way!

Music Support Group
26 members

Music Support Group is a Discord server dedicated to networking, collaborating, receiving feedback, and making friends!

The Music Listeners
26 members

A new server of mine for people dedicated to music!

Types Of Music
25 members

Hey, this is a server welcome to all!

Free Music 24/7
21 members

Free 24/7 music on free server

Because Music and Art
19 members

This is a (for now) small community of Artists, Musicians and Writers to talk, discuss and ask for help about anything related or unrelated.

Soul Music Stars
18 members

Soul Music Stars — это платформа для творческих людей, которые хотят поделиться своим искусством с миром. Ваше творчество оживает, когда вы можете выразить свои идеи на страницах книги или через музыкальные ноты, то наш проект именно то, что вам нужно!

17 members

This server has: 2 music bots: -- Booster only bot -- Free music bot No staff and simple rules: -- No abusing the bots -- No harrasing others -- Ran by the owner & me

GML (Games, Music and L…
14 members

A very new Dating, Gaming and music come together server! feel free to join and make a spot on this server as we are open to suggestions of any kinda and might be doing giveaways in the future :D

Meme Splash
12 members

A small and friendly community with Music, Gaming, off-topic, and other channels! We also have a custom bot plus tacoshack and even an XP leveling system and permission and XP giveaways!

music lvrs
12 members

We are a very fun server!

🌙 — The Music Club
10 members

Welcome to this world. In here, you get to listen to any music in any voice channel. You can also compete in events, giveaways, karaoke etc.

ShowMusic Community
9 members

The community discord of We promote your music.

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