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Connect Within The Music Industry.

Producers Collective
91 members

dreamerr and 808Khaski's Discord music server in which everybody can fit in!

The Foshcord
The Foshcord
84 members

Foshwave is an electronic music collective/community, specializing in thematical challenges and compilations.

About Music
110 members

It's all About Music! From pop to k-pop, everything is here!

the concorde has dawned
108 members

Music ranking server! Come and hang out with us! We chat about everything and anything!

107 members

Server for music producers, rappers, singers and gamers. Here you can grow, promote and support each other also you can collab.

106 members

You can share your music that you like. You can also play in are server casino. If you make music u can share stuff you made. Work with other people and create some music or hang out. Also Apply for a Artist/Creator roles where you can ping peopling when

RedSkar Music Server
103 members

Calling all music producers! This a new server I made for my listeners. I go by RedSkar and I produce music, I want to grow a community of music producers of all genres and make new friends, and possibly collab music! Sounds interesting? Consider joining!

6311 Entertainment
96 members

A music and gaming discord server run by a husband and wife team (twitch streamer and music producer). We want our server to be a place where one can share their twitch streams, find new music, discuss video games, and talk anime.

MM Community
36 members

Are you looking for a server to chat and have fun in? If so, the MM community server is the perfect server for you! Our Server, The MM Community is made for all the music lovers, gamers, artists, basically anyone to chat and stream.

SoundFye 🔥
87 members

If any artists/producers/engineers/managers/ect are looking to network during the pandemic I've created a discord server for any and everybody to join if they'd like. Feel free to advertise your music and give feedback to other artists.

Du Du Ke
85 members

Every 2 weeks we release a 🔥playlist consisting of tunes we've discovered in various cervices of our lives.

mad musicians
63 members

hello! welcome to mad musicians: a server made for musicians, by musicians. we are: - LGBTQ+ friendly - New (2/26/22) - Band nerds - Welcoming to everyone! - 13+ if you like music, please consider joining :) thank you!

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Welcome to playlist-exchange! A safe space for everyone to share their own music playlist, favorite artists, music, etc.. via. Spotify, YouTube & more. A place where you can discover new music and rediscover old ones!

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Welcome to Lofi Fat Cat Server Where we listen to music 24/7 and Chill 24/7 We have voice channels, 24/7 radio to study/chill, amazing staffs and chilling members. We are a small and active Lofi music server

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