Junk Drawer
473 members

Can't seem to fit anywhere? Everything can fit in the Junk Drawer: A Twitch & Discord community for misplaced treasures. Movie nights, D&D, mental health talks, meditation, weekly giveaways, jackbox nights, and more.

Mental help corner
24 members

Welcome to the mental help corner! This is a server dedicated to helping each other with mental health problems.

β™‘γƒ»π’¦π‘œπ’Ήπ‘’π“Žβ€™π“ˆ π’¦π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”π’Ήπ‘œπ“‚ 🌸
398 members

We are fun, laid back community whose main focus is on friendship. Although we have some NSFW channels, the majority of the server is SFW, however this means that this server is 18+! If you’re looking to make some solid friendships, com join in!

Hypno Herd
111 members

Hypno Herd is an 18+ hypnosis server focused on safe and ethical hypnosis. We welcome folk from all identities and lifestyles including LGBT, plural, therian, otherkin, psychology, and spirituality.

Thanatophobia Support
201 members

This is a server for people with the fear of death looking for mental health support. We help support you through everything from thanatophobia to hypochondria to OCD. You are NOT alone.

The Hope Foundation
334 members

Welcome to Generation X, a family community who is there for you in your darkest moments to love and support YOU! Enjoy your stay.

πŸ‘ΎThe Gamer LoungeπŸ‘Ύ
323 members

Welcome, This is a community of gamer's, musician's, artist's, and crazy people who are looking to have fun and meet people for good times.

Xclusive | 16+
297 members

BRAND NEW COMMUNITY SERVER! Come say hello and help us grow! πŸ₯°

Γ— πŸŒ‘οΉ•β€” ζ²‰ι¬±ηš„ β€§β‚Š ˚. κ’± (CLOS…
294 members

Welcome to Hypophrenia, We're a feature rich, soft aesthetic community server, different topics are allowed! Hypophrenia provides a mental health safe space, a safe environment for the LGBTQ+, all races and all religions! No one will judge you here!

α΄›Κœα΄‡ Ι’α΄€ΚŸα΄€xʏ ʀᴏᴏᴍ
277 members

Welcome to QuantumSGT's gaming community! Filled with gamers, streamers and the greatest people you will EVER meet!

❀・auriga ;; β™‘ΰΌ‰
178 members

✧ο½₯πŸŽ€ sfw & non-toxic Communityβ€’βŠ° aesthetic・cute・fun・anime・mental health & more κ’±κ’±

The Twilight
268 members

a community server welcome to everyone and anyone !! 🌸

πŸ’œ rain πŸŒ§γƒ»social ・ games…
97 members

Mental Matters
251 members

γ€Š Mental Matters 》 Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive peer support community, a place you can unwind and be yourself without judgement.

κ’° π™°πšœπšπš›πšŠπš• ΰΉ‘ π™Ώπš•πšŠπš—πšŽ κ’± // R…
170 members

Just a chill server about typology and psychology, and its a great place to make friends and have fun!

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