/cozygen/ | /lgbt/ friend finder
/cozygen/ | /lgbt/ frie…
2,228 members

18+ LGBT Discord. Free speech, related to the 4chan /lgbt/ board. Femboys welcome too.

The Strangers
The Strangers
1,236 members

The ultimate safe space for anyone looking for refuge from toxicity online. Wholesome, and free from hate-speech.

High Dimensional LightFamily And TruthWarriors
High Dimensional LightF…
780 members

Spiritual developrment & various teachings of all kinds. A Transcendental Uplifting Server that helps with Ascension, Lucid Dreaming, Positive Mindset, Philosophy, Intellectual debate, Transcendence, Occultism, Theology, Religion, Politics And Guidance.

609 members

A server founded on formal debating and organized discussion of ideologies, beliefs, and other specifics subjects. We have a variety of people around the world with different political, religious, economic, philosophical views and more. 16+ required.

Misanthropy Forum : Las…
421 members

Being a hater of people nowadays is much, much easier. Previously, moral and philosophical reasons could lead to misanthropy, while today it is more defensive, reactive, yes, even instinctive and reflexive.

Into the Weeds
Into the Weeds
349 members

Welcome, this is a community about Zen and Zennish related things!

Debate Mate
342 members

A free-speech debate server oriented on politics, religion, and philosophy.

Deus | Metallum
Deus | Metallum
134 members

Traditional Christian server with a focus on metal music. All people are welcome, so long as you respect and honor the server rules and Discord TOS. ~ Moderator/Former Server Owner of Deus | Metallum, Nocturnal Servant/Transcension

Gaming Center
217 members

Welcome to Gaming Center, we are a community who supports small content creators and stands for freedom and free speech in the gaming industry.

207 members

free speech debate server

The Carnivore Diet
175 members

A free-speech driven Carnivore community where carnivores and RAW carnivores are able to express themselves however they like without strict rules and powertrip moderation. Curious omnivores are welcome! VEGANS ARE NOT WELCOME.

Imperium Romanum - Urbs…
168 members

hangout server with a roman theme

Anarcho-Bidenist Echoch…
101 members

Based Politics is a free speech leftist server, which encourages civil discourse between the left wing and the right wing.

120 members

Enjoy the ultimate free speech haven. Be yourself. Few rules. We enjoy chatting, gaming, and classic fun. This is an active server for everyone, We are a chill community that can be toxic at times but come and see for yourself.

85 members

Beyond Duality

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