601 members

Are You Looking for a non-toxic, chill and welcoming Gaming/Streaming community or Maybe get some free Nitro? Well come join my server! 🌌

483 members

In this server it's has been made easier to play with friends or with others on the server. We have game categories for Valorant, Apex, Fortnite, COD, and many more. Disclaimer: The server allows advertisements.

L0zEr Clan
444 members

I want you in my clan... Yes i really do, idc how bad you are bc i will train you just ask and i will train you and help you play FORTNITE! Soo just give your user name and that's all. Literally that's it all i need is you and your name and its done

Advertisement Network
411 members

A growing Advertisement Server that provides you with countless channels for you to advertise your Discord Server in as well as having multiple promotional channels. This server is specifically for you if your in need of members!

Auric | Community
368 members

We are A Gaming Team that has over 500 members. We are still trying to grow and need your help! If you are interested, please join!

Gaming Hub
Gaming Hub
309 members

Our Server can bring Gamers together to play other games, or we offer in discord games and a fun experience!

Team Xyzer
Team Xyzer
302 members

Welcome to @TeamXyzer ‘s Discord Server! ➽ What do we have? - Custom Matchmaking Scrims - Giveaways & good emotes - Looking for players channel - A leaderboard and exclusive roles for our tournament winners

Amigos Latam | • SOCIAL…
256 members

Server that you could found a lot of people of different countries to speak with them!

Fortnite NL
251 members

A DUTCH FORTNITE SERVER: Hey! Join deze server met allemaal Nederlandse Fortnite spelers; zoek een partner of chat gewoon gezellig met elkaar!

HU Services
236 members

Welcome to HU Services! We provide the most effective & affordable optimizations, we have plenty of different services from different price ranges to choose from. All prices and services which we offer are listed in our Discord Server.

Round Table Hold
Round Table Hold
214 members

We welcome all gamers :) We used to be an elden ring server and grew to be close to each other but have now decided to open our server to all gamers alike

Team Cryptic
150 members

This is the official team cryptic discord server

Ryan’s Network | Visual Arts 🌎
Ryan’s Network | Visual…
139 members

Allectual's Discord™️ is a Design Server! We want a community of designers, esports players, active members, editors and more to be apart of our server! We have just recently started, but plan on becoming one of the biggest Design Servers ever!

grief's discord
186 members

In this discord server we are focused on having fun and making new friends.

Team Shadow Esports
109 members

We are a friendly community that has lots of fun. We also offer competitive teams. We can also bring a lot to the table

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