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artist club for artists, musicians, choreographers, painters, singers, actors and actresses, sculptors, writes, poets, architectures, DIY and crafters and so on we also work on projects and have daily voice chats and ofc chat and chill and a lot more

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Art, Commissions, Improvement, Community, Friends :) Take a look for yourself and be a part of our small, yet fast growing community!

Smart Ai Images
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This server allows you to easily create cool looking ai generated art and view art that is being generated every second, 24/7

Let's IMPROVE art 500% …
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Art server

j4y’s art coms
j4y’s art coms
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we will draw your Roblox avatar for the price of very little robux! :)

Background Art Central
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𓆱𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊 Welcome Background Art Central, BAC, a server dedicated to appreciating all things background art! If you are looking for a server devoted to improving and sharing the absolutely stunning realities you've crafted, look no further!

Lgbtq artists
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An awesome Server for artists and also a place to meet new people or friends

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Server for pixel artists that want to publish their art or need review.

Artist Haven
Artist Haven
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This is a place where you can just talk and have fun. You can also share your art

WEAREGREED | Immersive Art NFT
WEAREGREED | Immersive …
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WEAREGREED NFT series, which allows multiple artists to cross collaborate within a single NFT, and it also comes with digital club membership perks.

The Artist Bull Pen
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Art server, made to promote all artists of all skill levels, and styles.

Bunburyist Art Community
Bunburyist Art Community
244 members

Come visit and share your Traditional Art, Digital Art, Mini Painting, or Performative.

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3D, 2D, and NFT digital artists all in one place

Art Camp
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🥳Art Contests --- 🎨Art collab --- 👯‍♀️ Community Events--DTIYS---& MORE! Come join and meet other artists, share your work and make friends! We have lots of resources and tools for beginner artists as well!

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Artistry is an Art community where people can share any of their creations (Concept Art, Illustrations, animations, photographies…) and also get advices and tips from other artists.

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