Chill world🌍
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Serveur chill à 200% ! Fais ta vie et fais toi des potes :) Amuses toi bien !

Ze's Muffins
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Hello y'all, Hello y'all, I'm a UGC Creator, you can find my user on Roblox @ZeFerusGT. This server is mostly based on Roblox community server but It can be use as discord community in general so feel free to join!

epic gaming 😎
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Welcome to our Mobile Legends server!

Over Game 🎮
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Kick ALL the doors!
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Come explore a growing and expanding world focused on traversing the magical dungeon that has just appeared in this sleepy town. Everything is randomly generated. We have text RP channels along with voice games. We use foundry vtt and DND 5e.

The Cult
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Not so friendly community of degenarates that is free from social restrictions. Cmere. We have anime tiddies.

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Completely Free Sneaker and Hypebeast Cookgroup Community!

Gamers United
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This discords primary focus is to share the love of gaming no matter what platform you play on, there are also a range of reaction roles for channels such as pet pics and movies.

Anna’s bananas :)
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Just trying to game some dead by daylight , rocket league , any other games truly. I’d love to meet new people. It brings joy to me to have friends!!

Study Jungle
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Welcome to the most productive server for students: Study Jungle🐯✨

League Of Trolls
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جمهوريه مصر المصريه
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اهلا بيك في السيرفير بتاعنا الرولز مش زي بعض السيرفرات التانية اللي مباح فيها كل حاجة ومع كده بتموت. بالنسبة للميمبرز ، فمع أننا في الأساس سيرفر مصري إلا إن إحنا بنرحب بأي حد تاني غير المصريين مادام الراجل محترم ينشال على الراس،

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Study Cafe
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Study Cafe is a server for highschool/college students looking for friends or tutors! You can also join for our art channels, journal spread channels, and our book club!

Little Planet
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Little Planet: 20+ community server to make friends, play some games, hang out, have fun. Our community has People from all over the world and is active for most of the day. Friendly, welcoming and with an active vc as well

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