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Official discord of the CrypticPVP Minecraft Server. Currently under development.

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The Community Platform GoAlgoTrading is specialized in algorithmic trading. On the GoAlgoTrading discord, we strive to have a community to help out eachother regarding algorithmic trading or any financial products, such as options, stocks, and more.

Mc Donald's
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Burgers? Fries? Our Discord McDonald's staff is ready to serve your order! Our Delivery bot Invite:

Spartan Fitness 💪
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Interested in working out with gym buddies, come join!

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Orbital Community is a friendly and welcoming creative & game-dev discord server with a focus on good moderation and creating a tight-knit community We include general chat servers, development servers with specializations for Art,Music, and Pro

CryptoDrags NFT
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✨Stunning & random✨collection of 8000 CryptoDrags with charisma, uniqueness, nerve & talent to celebrate the diversity on the blockchain.

ElementalRoleplay V2
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[GER] FiveM Semi-Hardcore Roleplay Server [ERP]

Bagells (Minecraft)
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BagelLand is a smaller community with a great community

teenage disappointments
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are you a teen? you sad? you happy? as long as you’re human you should feel the need to join this server.

Aelios Hub
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Aelios is a pokemon-like discord RPG bot that puts players into a world of elemental creatures for them to find, catch, level up, fight, trade, and more! Uptime: 24/7

Wild Bunch
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Wir stehn auf dicke Dinger!

ミ★ 𝘤𝘰𝘻𝘺 𝘤𝘢𝘣𝘪𝘯 ★彡
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This server is a social server for talking about a bunch of different fandoms (mostly games and anime), as well as cosplaying (non lgbtq supporting people will be banned)

✨ D I V I N E ✨
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-🌹 ✨ D I V I N E ✨ 🌹 - > a place like home, we are new, join us ❤ > community, memes, egirls, music, gaming, fun, social (etc..) > chill and fair staff (mods) > welcoming community, chill people > cancer-free chat > custom emotes 100+ & events

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Options Trading Team 📈💰

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