Bank Bros
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A team of likeminded and skilled investors are available 24/7 to help you succeed. Sometimes all what a person needs is a little push. Not knowing where to start especially in a broad space like the stock market can be very intimidating for most people

the fun cave
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Welcome to the server! We do everything that has to do with fun, we have events where we frequently watch shows, play games together, or sometimes just chill in vc. We talk about any topics while we play games and chill, join us for a fun cozy time.

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nur ger nudes

Kujou | Anime ⋆ Social …
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KFC ー A New Welcoming ServerーJoin now and talk and have fun! Much to come soon!! Kinda dead community but we are growing slowly! (Please join tho lol)

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Arkadaşlıklar kurabileceğiniz ve bir çok insanlar ile saygı ve sevgi çerçevesi içerisin'de tanışabilir sohbetler edebilirsiniz. Kaliteli ortamlar ve eğlenceli insanlar ile tanışmak için hemen katıl!

Siren Cove
38 members

When the sirens call, men will fall.

Planetarium 16+
38 members

A duo owned server! with personalized roles! We do Giveaways and Movie nights.

Byte Lounge
571 members

This server was made so that other people could learn how to ethically hack, how to further develop knowledge or if you fancy a challenge and join our capture the flag(CTF) team and win prizes.

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🌹$ythvalid🌹 A normal discord server that is about socializing and music. This server contains various amounts of music artists and producers building their careers to the top as well as various amounts of production channels

Zero City: Zombie Apoca…
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The largest and most active zero city: zombie apocalypse community discord.

Союз Red Rose "Вечный Х…
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Neverwinter Online

♡Aɴιмᴇ Woʀʟᴅ♡#Bakımda
570 members

Sunucumuz anime owo sunucusudur gelmen bizi sevindirdi eğlenceli vakit geçirmek için ideal sunucu

Lost Control/コントロールを失った
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Looking for NSFW comunity? Or new friends? Join us

NFT Signals
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The place to find consistent NFT Signals. Trade NFTs with our buy and sell signals that will help you find profitable flips.

569 members

Weekly giveaways! Come hang out with us, staff needed!

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